Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, Road to New Me!

I'm not much of a resolution girl. I just can't do it. I am all over it the first few weeks of January, then I fizzle out.

But this year I want to set myself some goals, just things to work on. Not something I have to check off a list or mark on a calendar, just things I want to try to do to be a better me. Things I want to look back on next January and see a noted change in myself.

These goals are in different categories, people and things I want to work on.

Relationship Goals-
For God- r.e.a.d the Bible. Not in a checklist, read the bible in a year kind-of way, but in a learn something kind of way. Spend more time listening. Memorize one Bible verse a month. (I tried two a month last year and got overwhelmed by like March and quit)

For Nick- be a better wife. Duh! Do more acts of service (that's his love language- and SO NOT MINE!) Make time for just us and spend time with him. Let things go.

For Bates- be patient. I'm not patient by nature and I want to slow down and enjoy him.

For Friends and others- be a giver. I talked about this on our adoption blog. Pray for my friends, ask them their needs and pray for them.

For Me
Drink water (i'm starting small with one bottle a day!)
Run my life, don't let it run me.
Say no to things. Simplify our calendar.
Blog more. Turn blog into book.

That'll about do it.... here is to 2010. A big year for the Browns!